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Pap Smear

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As a primary resource for women’s health services and routine gynecologic care, our practice can provide regular Pap testing to check for cancerous or other abnormal cells, human papilloma virus (HPV) and infection. Regular Pap smears have proven to be an excellent method of detecting early signs of cervical cancer so that it can be effectively treated and resolved. In general, a woman should receive such screening at least once every three years until the age of 65.

At Patients First of Countryway, our physicians provide the kind of thorough, compassionate and highly skilled primary care that you expect and deserve from a top-notch medical practice. We take seriously the trust you place in us to help keep you healthy through routine diagnostics and screening, and we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and thoroughly discuss any concerns you may have about a potential medical condition.  

If you are a resident of the Tampa area and are due for your next Pap test, do not hesitate to contact us to arrange for a gynecological visit at 813.891.6310.