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D1 Sports Training at the Citrus Park Office

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Dr. Berland's 15 years in medicine have proven to him the amazing potential that we all have to modify our health by nutrition, exercise, and stress modification. Dr. Berland recognizes that if those issues are not addressed, the opportunity to prevent and treat health conditions is compromised. The family medicine doctors at  Patients First of Countryway try to incorporate these wellness aspectsinto each patient visit. Our physicians feel that, as a society, we have allowed ourselves to become too inactive. Many of us are stuck behind computers 10 or more hours a day, only to go home and watch TV or play on our personal computers. We need to get moving!

Patients First has partnered with a training facility in our new location to help emphasize the exercise component of health.

D-1 Sports Training was founded in 2002 by Will Bartholmew, who played football at the University of Tennessee with Peyton Manning, and was captain of their national championship team in 1998. D-1 now has 13 locations across the country. They offer general training for adults with ‘boot camp’ type formats, as well as custom sports training programs for all ages with expert coaching and the latest in sports therapy. Each D-1 gym has professional athlete sponsorship. In our area, local sponsors have included Tim Tebow of the Gators and Broncos, Derrek Brooks of the Buccaneers, Chipper Jones of MLB’s Atlanta Braves, and WWE star Chris Jericho. Other professional sponsors include Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, Herschel Walker, Heather Mitts, and many more.

The new building also houses physical therapy, orthopedic surgery, and an on-site outpatient surgery center on. The pylon sign that faces the street reads “D-1 Campus and Sports Medicine,” and our logos are on the building.

To learn more about D1 Sports Training, visit their website.